Ocean Capewell stats!

Birthplace: Flushing, NY
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Current Location: Sacramento, CA
Sun/Moon/Rising: Aries/Aquarius/Virgo
Paid Job: social worker/therapist
Formal Education: BA in creative writing from SUNY Purchase; MSW from Humboldt State University
Writing since: the late 80’s (yes, I was a child, but I took writing very seriously then, I did it for hours every day and got super upset when life interfered, whereas now I am practically begging life to interfere)
Zine Years: 1996-2015, with a 20-year anniversary collection published in 2018 even though I technically only did them for 19 years
Writing has appeared in: MRR, Huff Post, Autostraddle, New Voices Pittsburgh, the Independent, and in zine piles everywhere

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