on queer archetypes, in every sense of the word.

do you know what archetypes are? lately i’ve grown obsessed with them, in no small part because of my wild unknown archetypes deck (pictured below), which is beautiful and confusing and which i don’t really know how to use. the definition of archetype is: “an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from pastContinue reading “on queer archetypes, in every sense of the word.”

dear nyc.

(originally written in 2009 and published in my zine. it still applies.) Dear New York City, (2009) You are not where I lost my virginity. You are not where my life was first threatened. You are not the inspiration for my novel. You are not where I wrote a single worthwhile word. But you areContinue reading “dear nyc.”

don’t let em.

one time, in 2016 which feels like a whole other lifetime, I was a case manager in San Francisco. I don’t know how to drive, so I spent a lot of time on the bus. I have an energy that kind of draws weird people to me, or maybe I’m just an observer by nature.Continue reading “don’t let em.”


I started this website because I want to start taking myself more seriously as a writer. A writer was the first thing that I identified as. When I was a child, I wrote with the most dedication and fervor I’ve ever had. Completely entranced, writing until my little left hand hurt. My uncle gave usContinue reading “hi!”

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