some more illustrated journal entries

i was recently re-reading my journal from 2016-17, looking for something, and what i found instead was a lot of kind of hilarious observations of the people around me. i was working as a case manager in SF and out and about in the city all day, having weird shit happen. these are all transcribed exactly as they were written. i realize that some of these may sound ludicrous, but i don’t care–they happened!

i also threw in 2 ones from my 2020 journal. i was gonna do a post about some of my journal entries from 2020 but it was honestly too personal or too boring. i liked the way these came out so i included them in here because why not.

please know that i observed these people with great love, even the ones that annoyed me in the moment. i share them with you not to mock, but to share. life’s gotten a lot more dull since then and even though i don’t know any of them, in some way i miss them.

also i am never going to stop loving chaotic, hard-to-read fonts. deal with it!

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