immortalizing my words on a slow day at work

one thing i have been thinking about lately is how much effort i put into my journals, and how once i’m gone, maybe nobody will read them, out of respect for my privacy. (hint: pretty much any fire sign, unless they say something directly to the contrary, probably wants you to read their journals when they’re gone). i don’t have any plans of dying soon but with my state on fire and the pandemic raging, it’s hard to not think about death and the legacy you leave behind.

my current journal is an old accounting book (like from the 40’s?) i found in a free pile last summer. i LOVE it. i usually write on public transit, to give myself something to do. obviously i don’t want people to read my journal now, and a lot of it really is pretty boring, but there are a few gems in there. so today, on a day where i work 11 hours (i work for a crisis phone line which rarely gets calls on the weekends, but still requires that someone sit by the phone 24/7) and have very little actual work to do, i thought i would re-read my journal and find some lines that i liked and make a little canva flyer about them (canva is my favorite way to make flyers and signs and any old thing) and post them here. i don’t know how much anyone else will care about them, but it was a lot of fun and made these past few hours go by really quickly!

this was a lot of fun and if you want to borrow my idea please do! canva is free, easy and fun. and if you think my design aesthetic is messy you’d probably cry if you saw my apartment. ❤

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