the world and i, we are still waiting.

i got a zine and some tinctures in the mail today from my friend jay rae verbena, someone who i know through zines and have only met IRL once, in 2011, when i was on a megabus zine tour throughout the midwest and going through the worst breakup of my life. they haven’t done aContinue reading “the world and i, we are still waiting.”

on queer archetypes, in every sense of the word.

do you know what archetypes are? lately i’ve grown obsessed with them, in no small part because of my wild unknown archetypes deck (pictured below), which is beautiful and confusing and which i don’t really know how to use. the definition of archetype is: “an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from pastContinue reading “on queer archetypes, in every sense of the word.”

what’s love got to do with it? the oshy capey story

note: this is a paper I wrote for grad school in the fall of 2018. We were asked to write about how our life experiences ushered us towards social work. I’ve always liked this paper and wanted to share it with the world, so i figured, why not put it here? I cut out nearlyContinue reading “what’s love got to do with it? the oshy capey story”

immortalizing my words on a slow day at work

one thing i have been thinking about lately is how much effort i put into my journals, and how once i’m gone, maybe nobody will read them, out of respect for my privacy. (hint: pretty much any fire sign, unless they say something directly to the contrary, probably wants you to read their journals whenContinue reading “immortalizing my words on a slow day at work”


I started this website because I want to start taking myself more seriously as a writer. A writer was the first thing that I identified as. When I was a child, I wrote with the most dedication and fervor I’ve ever had. Completely entranced, writing until my little left hand hurt. My uncle gave usContinue reading “hi!”